By Kipsie


Mum was on about knobbly bits this morning... It took a while to work it out... She was referring to the knobbly shapes on jigsaw pieces.
We did'nt have time for the jigsaw today. A clothing order to be returned, a few bits to bag up for the charity shop, blitz the bathroom, prepare Mum's lunch.
Bought the perfect Mothers Day card in the Post Office, a pair of blue tits in the image, then left the card at the self serve till in the Coop. Gave them a call, someone had kindly handed it in. Relief!
A phone call with a finance adviser at 3pm. Now need to chat with my brother.
Had a chat with Jean. I'm going to spring clean their greenhouse tomorrow afternoon.
Hubby definately jealous of my time spent with Mum, which is a pity, I am trying to keep everyone happy & as healthy as possible.
Thank you for your comments, stars, & favs. It's wonderful to be part of the Blip community.

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