By Gasman

Shapes and punctures

Today’s abstract Thursday theme is “ shapes” so I went in search for things that have shape. Not sure I succeeded but this is my attempt. Thank you Ingeborg for hosting.
Back to punctures. I am well used to dealing with these on my bicycle but today we set off in the car to pick up our grandchildren from school. Hadn’t gone far when I felt things weren’t quite right. Stopped and checked. Yep, a flat tyre, the first in this car and for many years. What to do about the kids. Sally said we had loads of time so she wet off to walk the mile or so to the school leaving me to wrestle with the flat tyre. Fortunately, unlike many cars, I realised we have a space saving spare and not a repair kit. After familiarising myself with the jack and locking key, I was able to change the  tyre by which time Sally had retrieved the grandkids and given them tea. Examining the tyre I found a large hole. I don’t think a repair kit would have worked. My job for tomorrow is a visit to the tyre centre.
Last day of February and the end of Mono February. Tomorrow colour will return.

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