By JohnW

Wind in the Willow

Especially for Joe
Cailleach has reminded us that today is ‘Joe Tree Day’, and with today’s weather I thought that it would have to be the family tree illuminated with UV light.  That didn’t work out so I managed to nip out between showers and snap a few shots (with the fill-in flash), then out again with the wide angle lens to have another go.  This is the result.
Apart from a  quick butchers shop run this morning not a lot else has happened, other than the Granddaughter passing her driving test – this is a warning.  She failed her first test with the only thing on her feedback note being words to the effect “I came out expecting to carry out a driving test, not to take a ride with a formula one driver . . .”.
Many thanks to Cailleach for hosting Joe Tree Day this year.

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