The second half of life..

By twigs

Shed visitior

Whew - a busy day - good busy though which is always nice.

Popped into town this morning and came home with a yet-to-be-delivered new washing machine.  I've been saying to my house-sitters for 5 or 6 years that the machine makes some odd noises as it chugs through its business and not to worry of it 'dies' - just let me know and I'll arrange a new one.  It still  rattles its way through a wash (which it does very well) but when I stumbled on a great offer yesterday I decided maybe the time was right to retire it gracefully and replace it.  I may have been influenced by the recent decorating of the laundry ;)  It is 20 years old though, so it's well and truly earned its retirement.

My 'lights' came  on today with a creative way to achieve something else in the laundry I've been grappling with for a while.  No need to buy or make, just relatively minor adaptations to what I already have.  I love simple solutions that fit well with my reuse-recycle-repurpose philosophy :D  Yay!

Unexpected contact re something I'm selling.  She came round and looked, she went away and thought  then she bought.  Awesome :D

Finally, the distinctive sound of a fantail in the back garden.  Out with my camera and found him not in the garden, but in my dusty ol' shed. I'm not sure if it was a grown-up Scraggles or a new friend (sure did look very swish and well-presented), but it flitted and chirped its way through a good 10 minutes with me in the shed.  So cute and sooooo friendly.  When he left the shed he flew to the house and even popped indoors for a few seconds before (thankfully) re-emerging and flying off.

A slightly cooler day which has been nice - lawns tomorrow........maybe ;)

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