Desperately seeking

By clickychick


At last! My new camera has finally arrived!

I believe in shopping locally so I ordered this camera in March. before I even signed up to Blipfoto (but I had been looking at your lovely pictures and marvelling at your ingenious names). The shop didn't have it, the wholesaler didn't have it, Panasonic didn't have it!

This was the one we'd read up on and it had to be this one. A Panasonic FZ28

Now earlier this week The Man said: "I suppose the first I'll know of it's arrival is seeing it on blip!" Well. it wasn't my fault he had a meeting tonight and was out when I arrived home with my shiny yellow Kodak carrier bag.

Now the trouble begins! Anyone know any good camouflage bags for cameras so I can sneak it out of the house with me in the mornings?

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