By Surfing


This is the explanation which went with the most wonderful, and bizarre pressie that today arrived in the post

As way of explanation, Moloka'i is the original home of the post-a-nut. I had another friend demand that I send him a postcard from Hawaii, so when I saw the post-a-nuts, I had to send one. The post office at Ho'olehua actually has a selection of coconuts to chose from and then a load of sharpies with which to decorate. Gary (the postman) advised me that I could also go pick my own coconut so I could have more time to decorate and bring it back before sending. So, Surfing, I specially plucked your "postcard" from the wild and then spent time with the computer, the Moloka'i Dispatch (local paper), Sharpies, and decoupage glue to create just the right belated bday pressie for you!

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