By karenmace25

muscari in the wild...

Some sunshine to start the week! And no rain - yet! It can be done!

A little wander round a very quiet nature reserve - nice to see some muscari there flowering! - after a bit of food shopping this morning, and then we stopped in at our friends who used to live next door.  Their daughter Issy who had a stroke mid January, is still in hospital in London, but is now in Kings College for some intensive rehab and seems to have a really good team of staff around her so finally some positives. There's still a long road ahead, and her mum and dad are beyond knackered, taking it in turns to spend a couple of days at the hospital with her, as they also have another daughter, Nikki, who is severely disabled at home so they're not even getting a break at home.  But I think our surprise visit gave Karen a good distraction and the kitties enjoyed some fuss from us too!

A monthly plant subscription box got delivered here today too, so i've been in the garden potting up the oriental poppy, hollyhock and gypsophilia that was included!

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