Wearing purple...

By 60plus

A semi-sphere...

..for MonoMonday today...

An unexpected trip to Castleford to buy Roy a pair of skis! Not sure what this spheroid shape is, but it's in the corridor leading to the toilets... Big Brother is watching you?

As Roy serviced and waxed the skis yesterday, he noticed a transverse crack in the sole about 30cm from the tip. Not sure how it has happened, but it would be difficult to ski back from anywhere with a bit of ski missing... Since we may well do the Sella Ronda and be several valleys away from our hotel, we decided that's not a good idea at all... hence the emergency dash!

We combined the trip with a visit to Screwfix to get a new doorbell for Hazel - hers went kaput last week.

We'd already arranged a catch up lunch with Sue & Mike too, so it has been a busy day ;) 

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