By seizetheday


Liz kindly picked me up this morning so I could join her, Anita, and Keith on their 'Friday dog walk' with their respective hounds - Bonnie, Jerry, and Rowan. Anita led us on a lovely varied walk from the leisure centre in Holmfirth to Holmbridge and back, with a stop for coffee and cake at the Pickled Pheasant in Holmbridge.

Irony kicked in to the conversation when we reached this body of water on the hillside near a quarry, as we pondered on the likelihood of it turning into a popular lido in the summer. Undoubtedly, families will be flocking here to enjoy the 'facilities' when many  of the local swimming pools are closed due to financial constraints. Jerry the Springer spaniel thought it would make a good lido, and demonstrated by diving in shortly after the Blip was taken. 

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