By Fuentes3

Looking south

El Peralín is I think the highest point in Cabranes, at fractionally over 500 metres. Looking south, there´s a good view of the mountain range which separates Asturias from the rest of Spain. Height-wise, the biggest summits are the Picos de Europa, the high point of which reaches 2,600 metres. But to their west is Ponga, and after that Los Redes. Both of those slightly exceed 2,000 metres. I don´t know, from this picture, where the divisions are. 
The Picos and Redes are national parks. Ponga is also some kind of park, and according to a recent free-newspaper, is now giving grants to encourage people to go and live there. I think they´re beautiful from a distance.
I´m hoping the flowers and clouds show the upcoming change in the weather. I´ll put a couple more in extras. 

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