The Lighted Life

By Giacomo

Zebra Trail

When we are up north, I meander down this road quite often. The lacey light filtered by the birch trees does something magical to my soul. And at the end of it there is a lovely horse field. And if you can bring yourself to move past the beauty of the galloping horses, there is a beautiful camp at the end of the trail.

I also often venture off the travelled path a bit to find myself humbled by the grace of the wooded land. It is a perfect place to spot an owl or eagle perched in the trees. It is a place to think. It is a perfect place to celebrate the joys of going nowhere that you need to be.

But today we travelled down this road to reunite with our daughters. They had been away from us for two weeks. There were tears and the strength and length of their embrace reminded me of my need to remain close them. Forever and always close of heart and, when possible, close in proximity.

After two weeks away from home, encamped with other girls amongst the glory of this land, Isabella and Gabriella are stronger, more mature and more confident than they ever could have become sitting in the comfort of our nest.

A tightly held bird can never take flight. is so wonderful to have you home.

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