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By Chocolatelover

1000th blip!!

Yessss... I've saved 1000 days, in my 3 years here on blipland.. Finally!! Yayyy to me!! :))
Can't believe i've been here for long time and i still love being here..
Share my life, my photos with you blippers blipchums.
Thank you for all your time to comments on my photos, for sharing your beautiful photos with me. You all have been very nice to me and of course thank you for Joe and staffs for running a wonderful site.
I'm feeling much much better now. Summer cold is gone. I'm alive, healthy and stronger.. Yeaahh!! :)) and it's 9 days to go to Ramadhan, a holy Month for Muslims all over the world.
I was doing a little blipsfari this morning, got some photos, a bit confused which photo i should choose for my 1000th blip. Don't know if it's the best photo. Hope you like it. You can see my OtherPHOTOS in my flickr account.

Hope you are all doing well and have a fab Sunday!


Esta. xxx

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