By Ingeborg

Colourful door

I have no idea why this door is totally covered in graffiti, it’s in the city centre of Crema and the notice says it’s a private property and it is forbidden to leave waste there. It’s Palm Sunday and many people were carrying a branch of olive green.

I liked the colours even if I didn’t like the graffiti on an antique door! However it made me think of a theme for next Thursday’s Abstract Thursday, the optional theme will be ‘ colours’ and the tag will be AT457.

Thanks very much for all your creative abstracts last Thursday. Here’s the list of 5 special entries from last week:

FotoPlay                 natural bark
Leaf abstract
Carolinav                 shadow play
Daringtogo             Treetrunk
Maureen6002          Not natural but oh so colourful
Sorry for the messy editing, working on my iPad and not getting the links neatly done!

Thanks very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday’s mountains’ Blip

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