*¨*:•Everyday Magic•:*¨*

By Squatbetty

Dad and Joel

My dad was born 92 years ago on this day and my nephew Joel is 27 today.

One day I'd like to celebrate on the 25th March but at the moment it still just makes me feel so sad.

Had a stressful morning trying to sort out online banking for another bank account my mum has. My power of attorney was all in place but there was some sort of glitch in the system so I couldn't sign in. Took me well over an hour and in the end spoke to 8 different people. It's done now though. Phew!

Treated myself to an Alice in Wonderland book last night, a new story set in Wonderland... plus there's a bonus interactive story at the end, where you choose the direction the story goes. I've always loved those. It arrived at lunchtime so that cheered me up a bit :-)

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