Reikes small life...

By Reike

Nero knows how to strike a pose

I am not showing the comparison photos of Djeili! 

Busy day, I am a bit overwhelmed with everything. Had to catch a bit of pony therapy to breathe before proceeding.

Willow was a good (teenage) boy. Only twice he went on strike because Djeili got a treat, and he didn't — he could be convinced to move again, though. We managed to go 15 km/h in canter! Soon about to break the sound barrier... Roman is concerned a speed camera might catch us. 

I was informed by his highness that his new feed is no good to him any more, unless hand-fed. Guess I have to switch to something better to keep the little prince happy ;) (But his runny poo problems did get better! Not that he wants to hear this.) 

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