By monochrome

Pylon in the Mist

I quite like misty, foggy mornings, especiallu misty, foggy Sunday mornings when no one is really up and about, and that air of spookiness is accentuated ever so slightly by the lack of activity. I would have prefered the mist to have burned off though, however it lurked about for most of the day, threatening rain, and preventing me from sanding and painting some doors, which I had been planning to do in the garden.

The DIY cabin fever was broken by the weekly trip to Tesco. On the way there, we stopped off for a while so as I could go for a wee blip wander, so that I might post something remotely interesting in place of another DIY-type shot of the kitchen. All I could manage was a pylon in the mist, however.

Also back blipped for Friday and yesterday.

Hope everyone had a plesant weekend!

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