By DonnaWanna

Rock Star Dreams

Julians music group had their1st concert for the year today. He has been practicing his song for well over a month and was thrilled that he pulled it off today with only a few little hiccups : ). 
It was a golden oldie Bon Jovi’s Blaze of Glory and he really rocked it out!! 
I captured it on his ipad and iphone and he must have watched it 20 times already!! : ).    
This music group supports people with disabilities in trying to achieve their dreams and I must say since Julian has been with them he has come ahead in leaps and bounds and is getting close to living the dream! : )
See him above in the foyer of the hotel looking very pleased with himself!

We set out early and took two loads of stuff to the new flat before the concert started at lunchtime. Then we headed into the city for a quick lunch after the show and my legs are not happy tonight after so much lifting and going up and down stairs!!  We plan to do a few more loads tomorrow although I’m wondering if I’ll actually be able to walk tomorrow!! lol!!
Catch up tomorrow xxx

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