David J. Rose

By djrose007


Who said Men can't multi-task!
It's been a busy day all-round but this morning There was a mountain of potatoes to peel and cut, for roast and mash, Cauliflower to separate, for cauliflower cheese.
First thing that was done was the Yorkshire pudding mixture as it has to stand for a while before using it.
Then vacuum the floors followed by the Bissel cleaner all through downstairs. While that was being done that the Yorkshires were cooking.
We've also made a cake and a rice pudding for tomorrow and Monday, if it's not all gone tomorrow!!
So there's a Sunday Dinner tomorrow and the same on Monday but I wont be here on Monday as I'll be attending the Coleford Carnival of Transport with the RBL Riders Stand raising donations for the Poppy Appeal.

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