By Bella888

Window on the world

Took this while having a flat white at Blend. Window view over to parked Deliveroos and the recently sold Norfolk Royale Hotel. Mr B abandoned me there to return for the tennis in Marrakesh.

To pass time, I perused a very stylish coffee mag 'Drift' which has beautiful photos, and fascinating stories and reviews of London's burgeoning coffee scene. Who would have thought you could find so much (of interest) to write about coffee.

Chatted to Ben, the owner of Blend. He said he shops in T.J.Maxx. Have never understood that place. Looks like a jumble of second-hand, overpriced clothes. So out of curiosity popped in. Popped right out again :(

Back home and Mr B made, at my request, Spaghetti all'aglio ed olio (garlic and oil).

This morning I made the most delicious 'Farinata' - a cross between a Tortilla and flat read - in the air-fryer. Chickpea flour, water, 2tbsp of olive oil, cumin and oregano. Topped with sliced red onion, peppers, black olives and artichokes.

Now off to steam some fennel and will drizzle with olive oil.

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