Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Be Boundless

I caught the back of the bus in the U district today (I wasn’t driving) and couldn’t resist this photo that I have seen and  love.   The #7 seat  (3 bodies from the right) is granddaughter Tatum’s best friend from grade school….She started rowing in middle school …she’s Olympic material, IMO …a big asset for the UW team.    The extra is she and Tatum rowing our Alden at the island in summer, 2015…they are 11.  Now they’re 20.    Tatum was really good and could do this if she wanted to.  but she doesn’t want to.   We haven’t managed to instill this passion in any grandchild….

Yesterday we had a “meet and greet” appointment with a new doc at the UW as our primary care physician is retiring this month.  How dare he?    We wanted to meet a person before we were away for the whole summer.  Of course he’s a “kid”…just finishing his “chief” residency July 1.  He thinks he can tweak my health a bit to make me feel and walk better…did a few blood tests that are dribbling in….…I got a big bang out of him and his enthusiasm and sense of humor, but who knows what’s possible with a fresh approach.   It will be a new experience with “Dr Kildare”  (H’s name for him)
I’m pretty sure he’ll learn more about old people. 

Also had a nice Fika with a friend this morning and some fabulous women’s basketball later

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