More Boatie Nonsense

After a morning of chores, picked up some things for the maw and ferried her from the hospital where she's been for the last five weeks over to an interim care home. A really fine wee place with great staff - local authority run; it's a shame that she'll have to move on in a few weeks.
Later, I fancied a beer or two down at the boatie club and then realised it was the committee blethers. Still, managed to tuck away a couple anyway during the business. And I had a couple of items -
1) We've been invited to nominate our 'heroic' club members for the annual Old Pulteney Maritime Heroes Awards 2013. I'd nominate you if you could swallow that stuff.
2) We now have seven followers on Twitter!

Errrr... that's all

[Pilot Boat leaving scenic Granton. One of the POLMBC boats in the foreground. Aye, that's the Port of Leith Motor Boat Club]

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