David J. Rose

By djrose007

Goodbye Girls, for now

They left us late morning, after finding some lipstick and getting their clip-on earrings on! That, of course, is Bella in front. If there's any clowning around to do, or hurting to get, it's usually Bella!
They'll be back in about a fortnight and we'll have them for nearly a year. Julia is off on detachment for a few months. The girls will be going to school in Gloucester from the end of April. It's a lovely school, so many great reviews about the teachers and the headmistress, and it's only 12 minutes walk away across a road then across a park of playing fields. There's a path all the way around the field and a gate that is open to the field at school opening time. The girls and I walked it yesterday just to see how long it would take us. If it's very muddy we can go across less of the field and to the school on the road, still a short walk.

RUBY Tonsils Extra.
In other news today, Ruby had her tonsils removed. Because of her Prader-Willi condition she suffers from sleep apnoea and the doctors think that removing the tonsils will improve her airway and help her to sleep better.
She's a real trooper, in no time at all she had the obligatory ice-cream but then went on to eat a sandwich and some crisps!

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