Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Headed North

The dark-eyed juncos are starting to head north to their breeding grounds now and soon they will all be gone.  They certainly aren't the most eye-catching birds, but they are pretty in their own monochromatic way.  And this one has a wash of green on its belly, probably from foraging in the grass for seeds and insects.  

We had some heavy rain showers today and it was chilly so I only spent a short bit of time in my hide, preferring to spend the bulk of the day inside sorting and editing photos.  I finally got to the images I took of oxpeckers on the Cape buffalo from the Umgodi overnight hide and I'm over the moon with some of shots I got.  Really, really happy!  

I went to the lab today and got blood drawn for two upcoming appointments (oncologist and rheumatologist) - figured I'd get it all done at once rather than having to go twice to get stuck with a needle.  As always, it was easy.  

Tonight I have virtual cocktails with my besties which will be fun.  Hubs is making dinner all I have to do is create some sort of nice mocktail for myself.  Something with ginger beer and blood orange, I think.  


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