By Kipsie

Billy No Mates

Finished planting my onion sets on the allotment early morning, a bitterly cold wind, but I did'nt notice it much once I got working.
Treated myself to an incinerator for the plot. Andrew had them on offer in the hardware shop, so as Jean had generously upped my wages :-) I splashed out. Picked up my medication from the chemists, grabbed the newspaper for hubby, dropped that off then headed down to CK.
Walked Indie, coffee & cookie with Mum. I noticed that the complete lemon drizzle cake of yesterday, was today down to barely a slice. "Mum have you eaten all that cake?". Well she does'nt remember eating it all but it can only have been Mum with perhaps a little help from Indie. Might have to ration the cake offer.
We planted up the seed potato in a tub, recorded the date on the calendar, also recorded the date when it should be ready for lifting. There could be a potato lifting celebration around mid June.
We did some colouring in together then I made Mum's lunch.

Jan picked me up from Mum's at 1.30. We headed up to Tin Pickle & Rhum at Haytor for a snack before going twitching. Bill & Ann, Jan's neighbours, were there having lunch so we joined them for a chat.
We headed off to Emsworthy Mire in search of the Cuckoo, Redstart, & anything else that caught our attention. Jan spotted a Redstart, & we heard the cuckoo. The wind was bitterly cold which was a shame as when it dropped the sun was quite warm. Not too many people around, a couple of serious twitchers looking for the Redstart. About another month before the bluebells will be showing up here. I'll take Mum up then. She'll love it. I spotted this tiny solitary fungi as we were walking back to the car. Not sure what it is though.

Thanks to JDO for hosting Tiny Tuesday :-)

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