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By freshphoto

Shut Happens

Well, after yesterday's adventure the Naughty Kitten had learned his lesson (fat chance). I had actually managed to see everyone I needed to see in one day, which left the second day of the conference spare, so I agreed to earn my passage home (in case those cheques didn't appear) by working as a plumber's mate for my friend T.

He is one of that multitude of 'posh plumbers' who've traded being something in the city for doing an honest day's work instead, and he is infinitely happier fitting boilers than he ever was spinning marketing mumbo-jumbo.

Had a fun but long day running up and downstairs bleeding more radiators in one day than I had done in my entire life to date, whilst trying to be as nonchalant as possible (lots of eye contact) as the lady of the house breast-fed her 12-day old baby.

The job was only two minutes drive from T's flat, so had time to have a shower, and bite to eat and a beer before heading back into Victoria for the night bus back to the badlands. The cheques had cleared (cheering!) so my day's wages weren't needed, but it had been great seeing T in his new role and it's probably the longest time we've had together since God knows when.

I might just make the next trip slightly less convoluted. I took this shot while waiting on the station platform. Seemed appropriate.

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