By TheOttawacker

Why is an accountant always an augur of bad news?

Having given myself the day off, it only seemed fair that I do some work today. Receiving the bad news about taxes from my new accountant sort of added to the impetus.
“You should put 40% of what you earn in a savings account,” he said.
The only possible answer to this involves a voiceless labiodental fricative, a schwa, and a voiceless velar plosive, followed by “off”. Instead, I just said, “yeah, I know”. Seriously, who puts 40% of their salary away to pay the taxman at the end of the financial year? If any of you do, then stop following me right away because I am sure we could never be friends.
Took Ottawacker Jr to his football. He told me, when he came back, that it was Fitness Tuesday. He looked horrified.
Also had some bad news from a friend I hadn’t seen for a long time. Her mum had passed away, followed 12 hours later by her brother. Her father was then admitted to hospital in a cognitive ward the next day. You couldn’t invent that sort of cruelty in a book, you’d be laughed at. M was a lovely woman – well into her 80s, thankfully, and had had a good life. But it’s always a shock. I’d been meaning to go over and see them for the past 6 months and had just never found the time. How terribly sad.

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