By ArcLight

Unexpected flowers

Towards the end of yesterday evening, I started getting texts from Mr A asking who was sending me flowers. Some flowers had arrived by post and brought in by a neighbour.... They were addressed to me.

When I got home, I opened them to discover they were from P, who has been concerned about us post the fire (and the various post fire annoyances). On a slow day, in many ways, they have supplied my blip.

I didn't manage to get out of my dressing gown until about 11am, but I successfully finalised a paper that needed to go out to colleagues today (with a bit of help from the other colleague co-authoring it), and then did a lot of reading of applications. We have a lot of recruitment going on at present, and I'm involved in most of it.

I then walked up to the New Town to see a friend in her relatively new flat for drinks and nibbles, meeting Ridgeback13 there as well, which was nice. We chatted about a range of things, including RB's recent holiday in Borneo. I then got a bus most of the way back, although the 10 that was advertised to appear along Queen Street just disappeared off the bus app indicator, so I caught the 11 that came along shortly after, which meant a slightly longer walk at the other end.

It's been a beautiful evening. Great light - even though we can no longer see the castle for these purposes....

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