Nicole's odd life

By oddlife

The Suspense!

Major nerves/excitement today.

Waiting in for my Girasol Gothic Rainbow ring sling. It came at 12.55pm. Guaranteed before 1. Indeed. Taking the piss though eh? Ho hum. It's loooooovely though so that's fine.

Went off to the post office to send the dark rainbow to its new owner. Me goffick gotz called a "towel". A RUDDY TOWEL?! Post Office Lady thinks I carry my child in a towel with rings. Heck of an expensive towel. Cretin.


After weeks of waiting, I got offered a job! Huzzah! NHS here I come. Very chuffed with myself. Nearly poo'd myself waiting though. Gosh. :)

Had pizza (from Asda) and cake (also from Asda) to celebrate. Yey!!!

P.S. he looked cute, so I took a picture.

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