By dogwithnobrain

You, Me, Everybody, need Somebody to Love

Families Day with HMS Edinburgh 1988, I think I've got the date right, they left in June about the 21, or 22nd, and the Families day was only 4 days before, hence my howling every half hour or so.

I was never very good with goodbyes.

Queenie was there because her Boy was on board the same ship... See - families day. Very much like today (3/7/2013) we were allocated Groups. I seriously think they fouled that up. There was Si and I, and a Group of officers, and the Captain.

We were instructed as to how to address / approach (I.e., don't unless you are) ... I of course went off on one, told her who her daughter was, and to her credit, she said "Yes, The Princess Royal, I do remember Daughter", told her about my mum meeting with the Princess the same day on the other side of the country, and to be honest, I think despite the Captain making throat cutting shapes behind her at me, she really, really enjoyed our chat :-)

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