Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Today was a day of plenty ... so many great photo ops, and a day spent with great new friends! BikerBear/Anni and I were up early and finishing our tea on the deck when we were joined by PhotoMatt. We all sat around with cameras in hand at the Bistro, enjoying the birds, squirrels and chipmunks. After a few fun hours, I took them to my favorite local spot for lunch and then we went exploring.

We ended up following a dirt road to a big gravel pit with a couple of ponds, lots of swallows, a gazillion dragons and damsels and some fine frogs. I took several hundred photos and this was my pick because I've never seen TWO mating pairs of damsels at the same time, let alone been able to get them in the same frame. This photo is unaltered other than a crop.And, no, it is not perfect - but I will never forget the fun we three had taking photos today in the gravel pit!

We came back here and settled in on the deck again, followed by garlic scape pesto (really, REALLY garlicky!) and lots of good conversation. Such fun spending time with other photographers!

Anni took over 700 photos today, by the way ... can't wait to see what she and Matt blip today. I'm hoping Matt blips one of his frogs - I will never forget seeing him laying on the ground next to the pond, eyeball to eyeball with a green frog ... while Anni was in hot pursuit of dragons...

I posted my 10 favorite shots from today HERE on Flickr if you'd care to have a look!

I am hopelessly behind on comments - please bear with me. I will get caught up over the weekend but for now I am enjoying the time with fellow Blippers.

To all my American friends - Happy July 4th tomorrow!


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