By HeidiHH

Solar lights

Someone was up last night ( I was ). And took some pictures of my terrace solar lights.

I had forgotten all about taking photos last night, but saw these on my phone. Well, at that point I remembered what I had done. So I was not sleep photographing.

When I was younger I had sometimes cleaned while sleeping. Not so much "clean", but more like arrange. I found items in different places in the morning. And as I do have a place for everything, I knew it had to be done sleeping. I was living alone at that time.

I visited my new workplace today. Gave my information and filled a form and got some papers to read. Also will start 27th at 13:00. I'm quite happy about that!

After my husband comes home today, we'll go cycle for a bit. Just to get the legs rolling again. My legs have been bit stiff after last ride. So hopefully I can do the Kuivanto-ride over the weekend. That's about 34km if I remember correctly.

We had some sunshine for a while today with 18°C outside. But now it's cloudy again with about 17°C. So it's quite nice. Although it was way nicer with the sunshine.

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