By TheOttawacker

The first day of summer

 A lovely morning, bright and warm. Even managed, stupidly, to sally forth into the garden. I say “stupidly” because any sallying forth into this neck of the woods inevitably leads to an unrefusable invitation to help do some gardening. And today was no exception. So, given Mrs Ottawacker’s evident frailty, I volunteered to help de-dandelion the front and back lawn (“lawn” is a grand word for the postage stamp we have), chase off the nut-hunting squirrels, and reseed the areas of the front lawn that needed it and a part of the back lawn (that desperately needed it). This I did, with help from Mrs Ottawacker, and managed to spend an awfully long time doing it.
The afternoon was spent watching Ottawacker Jr playing football. It was hot – went up to about 27º - so it was a lethargic kick about. Managed to get sunburned.
Mrs Ottawacker went to pick up the smallest member of the family’s choice of dinner – shawarma – and I agreed to have it (after much grumbling). In the end, it was delicious – a real treat, actually – so we will probably be going again before the month is out. Watched a couple of episodes of All Creatures Great and Small en famille before heading to bed at the astounding hour of 9.30. Oh yes, we know how to live.

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