D'aicí enfòra

By chaiselongue

Like a flash

A hot morning trying to find shade near the bar in the centre of the village, astonished and thrilled to see that our friend G had covered the mairie with Occitan flags, and pleased too that the compère introduced the singing of 'Se Canta', an Occitan anthem, we wondered around chatting with friends until the caravane drove through - decorated advertising vehicles from which people throw freebies while spectators risk life and limb to pick up the almost valueless hats and biros (this gets quite competitive at times!) - and then home for a quick lunch before returning to the place (on my one street) to the sounds of the TV helicopter above. There was a breakaway of two riders 5 minutes ahead of the main peleton and then it was all over in a flash of light and lycra, a haiku of speed:

fast as a shadow
the peleton's passing shines
helmets, lycra, tyres

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