By FoundWanting

Attention to Italian detail

Walking (sans footpath) along the narrow and perilous main road through Molina di Ledro, you seek self preservation by moulding the old meat sack into the nooks and crannies between houses, doorways and retaining walls bordering the tilt yard.
If you are brave enough to keep your eyes open, whilst trembling in said nook or cranny waiting for the European drivers to complete their pseudo jousting, you will start to notice wonderful little details around you. A sort of adrenaline / cortisol induced psilocybin type awareness.
I had one such experience and enjoyed the company of these wonderful objects in one of my safe places.
Like a 6 year old child I now have the confidence / excitement / 60 year old adult stupidity to run the gauntlet at any opportunity and actively seek out these objects … then play with them, flipping them up and down, mesmerised by the ingenuity of a simple shutter catch.

Obverse is main image, reverse in extras. Misogynistically described I know, but I I have my reason … which isn’t always within normal reasoning.

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