By Number147


I was out earlier than usual today because floor fitters were here for the bathrooms upstairs.

I met a couple of CRT volunteers who were sitting on "my" bench at the bottom of the flight. 

We got chatting very quickly. Mainly about the Merlin app. Seems I'm not the only one with an obsession. I wonder if they also go home and write bird lists like I do!

The Jubilee woods are looking spectacular. Along this particular stretch there often sings a Greater Whitethroat. I had never heard of one until recently. I recognise it and it's song now.

Long chat with one of Roger's sons. Such a lovely guy. He's a priest or similar. I wonder how a meany like Roger could produce such great children and be such an awful parent that 3 of them hadn't seen him since their mother's funeral some years ago.  Anyone, this son has a radio show. His reading at his dad's funeral was so powerful that I almost applauded. Perhaps I should listen to his show.

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