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Shiskine Valley Sports

After cutting Mum's grass and a lovely walk up the glen with the dog I decided to forgo watching Wimbledon in favour of heading down to the Shiskine Valley Sports Day with my sister's family and some of their mates. I must confess that it was my first time at an island institution. I suspect as a kid it was very far from my Mum's idea of a holiday experience (she's a PE teacher). I was taking photos of my nephew (not that he ran, as he's carrying some injuries from a bike mishap yesterday) and niece and a friend's kids too, which for some races was hard as you had to jostle for position! Fun was had by all, though apparently not as much as two years ago. Got home in time to watch the men's doubles, and am currently enjoying the ladies' doubles, tomorrow's viewing will be complicated by travel plans, but planning has gone in to maximise tennis viewing/score following potential. Hope you're having a lovely weekend everyone.

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