By Jamjar

I was lucky to have two free taster classes this morning, the first Pilates and the second Feldenkrais both delivered by a woman who's a member of our mountaineering club. I used to go to her evening Pilates/Yoga Fusion class, but I've had a gap and now that she's shifted her classes around a Tuesday morning one would suit me.

Pilates I've done before, 25 years ago, but I found the Feldenkrais one interesting so I'm going to opt for that one for a while, I'm not sure I can afford both. This is an excerpt from a leaflet:-

The Feldenkrais Method offers a unique way of making lasting improvements to our lives through the medium of movement. We learn how to move through the world with greater ease, co-ordination, flexibility and grace.

It combines guided attention with gentle movement to heighten awareness of ourselves  and our sensations. In this way we learn from the inside out, making use of our brain's plasticity - it's ability to change for the better at any age.

So there you are, it was very tiring anyway, probably because its new.

After lunch I drove to the allotment, taking four trays of lettuces to plant out. The soil is clay so it had set hard again, meaning I had to dig I couldn't just hoe, so it all took a while. I was there for almost 3 hours and cancelled my place on this evening's walk because, tiredness aside I hadn't really got enough time to recover, cook, eat and drive there, the walk being 30 minutes away. I slumped on the settee and listened to a podcast, much better!

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