By Artyfartyannie

Our Apprentice Barista

The wee fellow, Jody feels that he could learn to do the first stages of making us coffee. He is strong and is pressing the plunger down really hard. He does this many times and even makes his own wee invention of putting a plastic ring over the plunger even although the plastic ring is supposed to be twirled on the floor. Very open minded Jody.

Today we get up and get organised to help Lindsay and Gordon to lay the lawn. firstly when we arrive we have to have our coffee. Alan always brings along the coffee maker and his own brand of coffee(Tescos French). After coffee we start on the lawn by rotovating with next doors rotovator. When the lady next door said "just hang on tight" we were a bit concerned but the rotovator was excellent and helped a lot with the job. There was much raking and tramping and levelling and tomorrow we will spread the seed.

Gordon made a squid curry from the new Rick Stein book which was hot but really tasty and I put Joders to bed with his milkies.

Good job and off to bed with feeling of achievement.

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