Stephanie's Shots

By stephanie


A brief visit to the Leonardo this afternoon, because something had to be retrieved from there and there was room for a visitor :) I got a small tour of the ship, which was interesting and fun. Then we sped away from the Leo (as shown here) and went to a fishing boat that was getting too close to the Alliance. After honking and whistling for a couple of minutes someone finally woke up.. we told them to change course, which they said they would. We returned towards the Alliance but had to stay at distance for another 20 minutes or so, because of the tests that were going on. Then we were asked to make another trip to the fishing boat, because it had only changed its course by 2 degrees, which was not exactly what we had asked for.. This time however, they just shut down the engines and then suddenly went backwards, a bit weird, but anyway no longer in our way :)


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