After breakfast we went for a bike ride. It was nice and sunny but not too hot and though the Met Office said there was a very high pollen count it didn't seem to bother me too much today. I took the new hybrid for a spin instead of my road bike - partially to break it in and get use to it and partially as it's a better match with my other half's hybrid bike. Being a hybrid it has a good gear range and narrow wheels so it's pretty flexible and handy on the roads round here it's only downsides when compared to my road bike are lack of acceleration on the flat and the flat bars aren't as good as the drops after a while.

When we got back we had a well deserved rest and milk shake then we watched Le Tour on TV. I may have thought I had a good ride today - just under two hours but the guys going up and down the mountains in the Pyrenees really had a good ride today!

After that I had look for something to blip. I got a few more poppies but I think I've done rather a lot of them recently. I got an interesting beetle on a umbel and a bee with a most impressive parasite on it, but she was moving too much to make a presentable blip. In the end I settle for this daisy of some sorts, I rather like it and it makes a change from a poppy!

EDIT: Overton Scarecrow Festival Blipmeet

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