By KatesGardenPDX

My Mom’s Rose

A busy day puttering around, catching up with myself after being away for a few days. My son and grandson came for lunch and we had a good catch up. Then I went to a neighbor’s birthday happy hour late this afternoon. I’m now in my courtyard in my lounge chair, watching the kitties trying to catch mice. I saw one in the garden and wanted to rescue it but I’m afraid that would cause more havoc than not. So I’m not really watching. I’m afraid the mice are trying to get into my basement, or maybe they already have. The problem is that my basement, really a crawl space, is only accessible through a door in the floor of two closets and there is no way that I’m going to get down there…not with two knee replacements. So I let the cats do their job I guess.

Meanwhile, this is my mom’s rose that I posted a couple of weeks ago. It’s now in full bloom - she’s so lovely! I took a cutting from her rose bush shortly after she passed away. It’s such a lovely way to remember her.

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