By TrishaR

Classic Car Weekend (and more)

What a fabulous sunny day!

It was just Lucca and I for breakfast this morning at Cafe Tabou, sitting outdoors. Was there at 9:30 and then walked home as it was going to be a scorcher of a day (for Scotland !) and too hot for a black dog.

I got the bus back down into town. It was buzzing ! The quality of the classic cars was fab. I absolutely love the American classics, this one a Chevrolet can’t recall the age . Three streets had a variety of military, tractors, American and general vintage vehicles. All the cafes had people sitting enjoying the sunshine, lots of folks with ice cream, music and just general cool vibes. Of course the sun made it and temps got to 23 degrees.

Walked home and did some gardening .

Can’t we have more of this big yellow ball shining down on us.

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