Lost in Translation

Spotted these 'gardening' gloves in my local supermarket today, I've seen them before but that time I already had my blip...
Germans love a bit of Denglish but I do wish the people at Spontex responsible for thinking up names had maybe just run this idea through google & actually read the entries...specifically this one.


Another beautiful day and I'd intended to go for a long walk with Logan but he's a bit under the weather; woke me at 2:10 so I could let him out (which is better than him doing whatever he was desperate to do in the house) but then I struggled to get back to sleep. And then he didn't want his breakfast - this is unheard of, a retriever declining food? Never happens, however today the breakfast remained untouched until mid afternoon, poor puppy. I do hope he doesn't get me out of bed at stupid o'clock tonight, I could do with 7 straight hours, I seem to have acquired a deficit over the weekend!

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