My life fragments 2023

By MrsLinda

Round Seventy-Eight

Joyful Round Seventy-Eight. I entered the doctor’s office with some anticipation today as there were several examinations underway in the past months. One of them double checking some findings from the past. All the results are great though and I’m really really grateful. I’ve been reading several books at once now, one on underprivileged workers in the EU countries, another one about our famous photographer, and the one I intend to share with you today took me on a personal journey also to my past. A year after the year I could remember my childhood and realise how much distorted society I was born into, how the ones who possessed something or didn’t openly agree with the regime suffered. A very powerful book everyone should read, especially those who don’t remember any more what the Soviet Union and the people loyal to the regime did to our society.

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