My Year in Pictures

By jenny

Over three foot now

These are doing really well now - the tallest is now nearly 40 inches so hopefully come the end of September it'll be massive!

Busy day today - went to my first ever Kettlercise class - probably not the best temperatures to be doing it in but was fun and definitely reached bits of my body not reached before!

Then a fab mentoring meeting with two great local businesses - the three of us have been working together for a few months now and we're all getting so much out of it which is great.

And then I nearly got squished on the road from the village to Bourton. The narrow lanes are really bad round here for people deciding to drive in the middle, but I've never had someone drive directly at me and pull even further onto my side when they realised I was there. Thankfully it happened where there was somewhere for me to slam on the brakes and pull into. Definitely someone not used to driving on the right side of the road I reckon!

And I'm really struggling to find the time to get round your journals. So sorry :(

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