... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Wildwood: Storks Turning In

Readier for bed in large
Active otter
Contrasty night heron (x little egret)
Pink-footed geese on patrol
Evening wallaby

Im and I went to a Summer Evening Session at Wildwood yesterday evening; Wildwood re-opened (after its usual daytime opening from 10AM-5PM) from 6PM-9PM, and was adults admittance only, which made for a very pleasant walk in the woods as the sun dropped low in the sky...
It was interesting to see the animals at a different time of day, with very different activity on display. AND we happened to coincide our walk with the pink-footed geese patrolling the edge of their enclosure, so got to take a walk with them.

Others here (or right from Raven)

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