By EddieRiff

For King and country.

These images were taken down in Dorset whilst i freelanced on the Western gazette newspaper, The BBC were holding a "Where were you in the war?" roadshow, this was on D-day in  2006, so I thought it only fitting that these images be shown again. 

The people in this mini set (see extra's) are no longer with us. May that they all rest in peace and their efforts will never ever be forgotten. I will always be privileged to have known these souls.

Main image:

Troop Sergeant Major John Brereton:

(Jonny) aged 86 from Dorchester was in the Royal Marines as a boy soldier he was torpedoed twice on separate occasions once in the med and once in the arctic circle, he was also was at Omaha beach with the Yanks, what the article below fails to mention was that when he escorted the Admiral Doenitz, the captured Admiral wished him "Gut Lak". And Mr Brereton tapped his nose when he parted with this pearl...


Two ladies in extra's talking:

Phyllis Giblet (left) having a natter to her old friend Valerie, discussing family members past and present.

Lady with the Union jack:

Gladys Osborne of 90 years was married to a home guard secret services officer, sadly now gone,

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