By KCNQ2Haiku

Grooming day!

All fancy with his
fluffy coat and ears permed.
Not that he’s bothered!

Ben has been home and Mr KCNQ2Haiku is in London til late tomorrow so it’s been a bit of a full day.. but we’ve done it. Leo had his groom which Ben found tricky, he doesn’t like Leo doing unpredictable things and he (Leo!) was a bit skittish going into the groomers. Other than that it’s been quiet, a walk in the woods, some Minecraft.. I had a few phone calls and emails in the background. I have a call with the big boss of complex needs social care tomorrow, so I’m a bit twitchy but Ben should be in school by then.
Leo was pleased to see us when we picked him up, he practically stomped over a toy poodle to get to me, poor thing!
But now bathtime calls, so more tomorrow :-)
Extra to show more grooming glory!

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