Sunset Rose

Tonight as the sunset on Blighty but rises on the other side of the world, a project I've been working on for nearly 6 months goes live. We won't be doing any new business via the new system tonight but in a few days our colleagues in Australia will start to move data through the interface as we start the process of linking up with our customers. Today is the first test of my new code in production as it upgrades our previous solution ready for the new dawn. The Australians will test the new solution first then the UK and Europe will follow tomorrow in the morning. If that is successful the new data will flow later this week!

I'm not worried, I've spent ages on the code, getting it right, tweaking it and polishing until it shines! I've had the functional teams testing it for weeks - as it is critical that it works - and we know it worked perfectly in testing so it should work exactly the same in production. Having said all that, even the best plans can come unstuck hence I'm on call tonight...

Today's blip is the warm setting sun bathed rose outside our front door. There is rather a lot of red and orange in the picture which The GIMP was very keen to get ride of and I had to put back in. This rose is one of the nice smelling types, a hybrid tea of some sort I believe.

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