Home to the Heat

Thank you very much for the kind comments to our Amsterdam blips.

I thought it was hot there but the heat in Lochaber today is really intense. It is far too hot for the dogs to do any prolonged exertion and they have just had a quick tun in the empty field behind our house. I m back at light duties at the desk today but still hope to have some family days before R my assistant returns from his break.

We are very grateful to C and J for looking after our boys for the last few days (in addition to Bob their own dog, Caley's brother). They still looked pleased to see us so I think we are forgiven for not taking them to the Netherlands.

The picture sums up blip with our dogs. Caley showing off and Bruce turning his back to M when she attempts to get a shot.

Back to blip upload problems again. After upload of this one I was asked to say why EXIF data date was wrong. It wasn't and I had to explain problem was at blip end. I went okay to that and when I was returned to my image it was gone and I had the entire upload hassle again. On second, and slightly quicker second attempt it read the EXIF date okay.

Similar hurdles before have seen me lose my story too hence I nearly always use a separate text editor to compose.

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